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>> newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies.
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from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc road ms." longtime rulers is lying in state. more heavy bloodshed in syria. dozens of people have been killed in clashes. >> joe biden urges iraq's prime minister to work to resolve a deepening crisis. as scientists discover some of the most significant planets outside our solar system. it is 10:00 a.m. in singapore. >> it is 10:00 a.m. in london. broadcasting to viewers in america and around the world. welcome to "newsday".
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in north korea the country's new leader met mourners. he died on saturday at the age of 69. concerns about the transition of power. >> kim jong il, a site familiar to others, now mourned. this is the new guardian, kim johnn un. with a few years at the top
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council, he is the man america and china will be negotiating with. many of them poorer and hngrier. more critical of those who lead them. their tears appeared just as real. ere they the last time. >> you could not not cry in public. you had to pinch yourself. others were laughing. it is even more fake. >> the great fear is not in sincerity on the streets of pyongyang. >> how well they will manage will be a test of his inability
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to manage the country. >> the governments are straining to get a clear picture of how the picture is unfolding and the tensions might produce. north korean leaders have never been toppled by hardship. nor even famine. the state has been ready. willits leader choose reform or more repression? ? .elcome we are hearing for and governments are monitoring
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events. will it be a swift transition? >> we need to avoid hyperventilating and worrying about shadows. the north korean leadership is pretty well rooted. they understand the problems facing them. >> what is the situation like in north korea? what is the country like? >> it is not as isolated as is sometimes mentioned. it is not falling apart economically. there are signs of things getting better. it is not full of robots. it is full of people who all
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looking to the future. who have to do some things under a repressive government. they are highly educated population and they are looking forward to what the future holds. >> how much of a future might that be? >> that is the $64,000 question. it is a question of personality. whether mr. kim has the moxie to see this through. he has had a lot more training than one would imagine. the process started earlier and he is more ready than many outside observers assume. >> what would you believe his -- what will he give to the
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international community? >> i would guess he would be rather cautious at the beginning. if he finds his footing. through his advisers, who he can rely on and who cannot. what did his father leave him with in terms of the international community? is it to move forward? that would be a reason. he and his father must have discussed that in the past. we will see that unfolding as the weeks and months go by. >> thank you for your time. opposition forces have described another day of heavy bloodshed.
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officials have called on damascus to end the violence. >> gunfire battling through the streets of the syrian capital, damascus. this video claims to show supporters attacking activists. it is almost impossible to verify their and authenticity. they are allegedly being recorded on video phones by activists. uploaded to social networking sites. they demand said end the crackdown. -- syria end the crackdown. >> if the intentions are
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pure, these steps must be taken immediately. >> syria agreed to let others in the country. their mission is to monitor syria's compliance. it is serious about peace talks, ./ >> joe biden talking about the worsening crisis in iraq. >> that is right. two days after the last american forces from iraq, joe biden has had to check the need for the iraqi prime minister to meet with the other political parties. after an arrest warrant was arrested.
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over international terrorism. he denies the charges as a fabrication. >> doors destroyed by soldiers, computers taken away. it did not lead to one person. i'm supposed to be the vice president and deserve better treatment. i am in kurdistan. >> the european commission has controlled anesthetics. european firms will have to provide assurances they're not been used in executions in order to export them.
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they are closing their ports to ships. argentina and britain have renewed diplomatic ties. british companies have begun exploring the water surrounding the island. an argentine government minister has been found dead. the other secretary was found hanged. he was 33, and was a rising star in the government of cristina fernandez. two scientific journals were asked not to publish. they are concerned the
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intermission could fall into the wrong hands and be used to create a biological weapon. we have more on this u.s. decision. >> there is a scientific question that needed to be asked whether or not the virus which has been -- can it attain the characteristics while maintaining its virulence backs a legitimate public health question to help people who are in the field doing surveillance to find out whether or not this will happen. they came up with a virus that had these characteristics. when you analyze the results, decisions made to give the recommendation to publish the conclusions but to not make the information available to anyone who -- or anyone who wanted it
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but to make it available for those people who are scientists and public health officials who have a need to know for the public health good. live from singapore and london. a reported step in the search for life. >> how young people are turning to music to express their desire for peace. denied anyan wa knowledge of phone hacking. >> he was 28 when he edited the news of the world.
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he moved to television first -- now avas a chat show host. he was placed under oath and answered questions. his and tuz became more terse. he was asked how it was the details of a private voice-mail message left by serb paul mccartney came out. he denied -- insisted he did not know that from hacking to place. >> i have no knowledge for greyson -- or reason. assumption of my
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the message. it may not be his recollection. >> that would mean rupert murdoch is to be called to give evidence. he hurried off to do his chat show. he said he felt like a badly treated rock star and it was no point to be replayed. this is "newsday". in north korea 11 days of official mourning for kim jong il. the communist dictator lies in state. >> more bloodshed in syria.
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activists say dozens have been killed in clashes. >> officials in the southern philippines have become victims of a tropical storm. many others just a missing. they have started to bury bodies in mass tombs. more on the situation with our correspondent. joining me on the line now. can you tell me how the relief operations are going? >> [unintelligible] right now we have 350 volunt eers.
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the rich and the ppooor. they are [unintelligible] >> do you believe the relief operations are coping with what is going on? are they struggling to cope? >> yes. there is an outpouring of the nation. the families are thankful. they have learned to accept their fate.
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>> can you describe what the conditions are like inside the evacuation centers that have been set up? >> supplies are being offered. over 2000 familes are here. there is a low supply of ready- to-eat food. >> it is a desperate situation. especially dealing with the number of bodies that are in your area. we understand that some people have been angry by the burying of the dead. can you tell us with the situation is? >> right now our armies are retrieving the dead bodies. we constructed a mass burial
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site and will continue doing that today. >> we are grateful for your time. thank you for joining us. a russian fishing boat is being helped. rescue teams from new zealand are flying there are bringing equipment to the stricken vessel. >> stranded and alone. 2007 hundred kilometers southeast of new zealand in freezing conditions. a 37-centimeter hole was torn in
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the hole. the crew was left stranded. the only available supplies [unintelligible] the transfer plan flew to the rescue. >> most of the water has been pumped out and the ship is on an even keel. a plate was welded back over the hole. >> banks in cuba have offered loans to individual businesses. cuba's government has implemented a series of economic
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reforms boosting private enterprise and allowing people to buy and sell property in cars. a port strike -- they have been find $60,000 for is an -- his outburst. you have more details for us. scientists have found an important planet. one of them may have had conditions similar to earth. it may have supported life. explain the significance of the find.
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>> could one of them be like our own? and this believe they have found one that once was. but this is the third planet that was discovered almost exactly the same size as earth. it is too hot to support life now. millions of years ago it was third from the sun and temperatures were lower. in the past it was further from the sun it was cooler and perhaps may have had oceans of water, possibly caps. >> researchers have discovered the second planet around a star that is likely smaller than the earth. that the discoveries were made with a telescope. it looks for stars twinkling.
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until now it researchers have found planets that are much larger than the earth. this was announced two weeks ago. it is to 0.5 times the size of the earth. the announced the discovery of the planet that is the same size. poverthey believe the planet is unlikely to support life. >> i think we will find life out there. i think we will be there. >> the telescope is scanning, it is likely that one of the 250,000 stars has a planet that is like our own able to support life. >> the valley has been in the
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grips of an insurgency. dozens of been killed in separatist violence. they are turning increasingly to music to express their desire for peace. >> he has long [unintelligible] it is also where we make music. ♪ ♪ increasingly it is western sounds to do with protests. it has its own rebel tune.
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he dedicates his songs. >> i have seen people die, and get shot, i've seen crackdowns. >> the day-to-day experiences are what has him write songs. >> they are expressing themselves. >> the restrictions are many.
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they do not have a recording studio. as a means of expression, they are shifting attention. they say their music [unintelligible] they are keen to popularize their best song. >> you have been watching "newsday".
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headlines are next. thanks for watching. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. ♪ >> union bank offers insight and
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expertise into industries. what can we do for you? what can we do for you? >>
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